Let’s explore the world!!!

I have learned that I still have a lot to learn. — Maya Angelo.

The last session of Amal fellowship is termed as “Taking Flight”, referring to the passengers of the same train traveling together with different destinations. The diversity lies within the whole journey, behaviors of people and the unexpected moments that last a long to their entire life.

The Amal journey is similar to other beautiful yet temporary journeys of learning life experiences and interactions. The last session along with the whole journey proved to be like a roller-coaster ride for us. Full of fun, craziest as well as taught us some lessons to be remembered in future. Now when it comes to an end it’s our responsibility to spread the knowledge we gained from Amal to our next generation or like pass it on to the other people to create a positive and skillful environment.

Last Session glimpse: Everybody took time to attend the sessions from their hectic routine and sometime we faced difficulty in continuing the session, some of us turned back from the edge of elimination, and some remain to active in the whole fellowship that they just not completed their own work but also help other fellows in completing their projects and clearing their confusions. This type of cooperation is expected in every field when someone comes for learning to a portal and Amal fellowship in this regard proved beneficiary for all the members.

In the last session we were given a riddle to do, and we were divided into groups to play that activity. It was so pleasant to see everybody actively participated in that activity and helped out in finding the right solutions.

Here are some of the clips from the last session:

Amal has gifted us with a lot of family like friends and it’s our responsibility to remain connected with them. We have connected with each other on WhatsApp where groups are also available for interaction so If you don’t want to contact someone directly there still will be chance for you to connect via numbers from there and we’ll connect on other social media platforms as well and hope to remain in touch with everyone and help each other whenever needed.

Amal has taught us many things that I even made notes to those lessons and learning activities that I have decided to apply every principle and values of Amal in my everyday life to recall them and hope to not forget them too soon.

In the End, I just want to thank Amal family and Amal itself to gave me a lot of memories, life learnings and family like fellows.



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